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What is a peened grab bar?

A peened grab bar is a grab bar that has a textured gripping surface that provides additional surface grip. Peened grab bars are especially helpful if the grab bar is going to be installed in an area that may be wet or if the user’s hands may be wet, such as a shower or bathtub.

The peened surface feels a bit more rough and textured than a standard smooth surface grab bar.

People generally refer to peened grab bars as non-slip grab bars, anti-slip grab bars, safety grab bars, and slip resistant grab bars.

Peened non-slip grab bar

Are peened grab bars ADA compliant?

Peened grip grab bars are ADA compliant. The textured finish actually does not affect ADA compliancy. However, some local ADA laws may actually require peened grip surfaces in public commercial bathrooms.

Are peened grab bars best for showers and bathtubs?

Yes, peened grab bar grips are created specifically for shower grab bar and bathtub grab bar applications, whereby the grips are generally grabbed with a wet hand.

What does peened finish mean?

During the grab bar fabrication process, the peening process often consists of sand-blasting a large portion of the surface of the stainless steel tubing. This sand blasting significantly enhances the gripping surface of the grab bar by increasing friction and reducing slippage.


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