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About Us

Who we are. is the largest internet-based supplier of bathroom grab bars. We are the only online destination solely dedicated to supplying bathroom grab bars for bathrooms, showers, bathtubs, and toilets.

What we do.

Our website offers grab bars in over 30 shapes, multiple sizes, diameters, and finishes, including the most extensive selection of bathroom, shower, bathtub, toilet, and handicap grab bars. All grab bars are in stock and ship within 24 hours directly to the customer’s door.

Our industry leading website makes the process of finding and purchasing grab bars for all applications as simple as possible. Our site is constantly upgraded, and we are always finding new ways to delight our customers. Feel free to browse our customer reviews and leave us feedback – we are eager to improve!

Why people choose

Our commitment to improving bathroom safety and supplying bathroom safety products has never wavered. We believe it is our core responsibility to increase awareness of proper bathroom safety procedures to prevent slips, falls, and life threatening injuries.

Our superior customer service representatives help customers determine exactly what type of grab bars they need for their particular space and guide customers all the way through placing an order. Our customer service representatives are passionate about grab bars and receive extensive training to make an informed decision they feel confident about.

Our focus is on the elderly and handicapped.

Our primary focus is safeguarding our elderly, handicapped, and special needs populations against falls in the home, specifically in the bathroom. We strive to educate these customer markets on bathroom safety hazards and how to implement safety grip products to prevent falls and slips and enhance stability while standing or sitting. Protecting our most fragile and susceptible community members is of utmost importance to us.

Our mission statement.

We are hell bent on enhancing awareness of bathroom safety solutions and providing peace of mind to loved ones of the elderly and handicapped. We will continue to do so, one grab bar at a time.


For all grab bar needs, please feel free to explore our website or contact one of our grab bar specialists. Thank you for giving us the chance to serve you and your loved one! Team