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What is the best non-slip & slip resistant grab bar?

For the best grip and non-slip grab bar surface features, especially for wet hands in the shower or bath, we recommend peened or knurled grab bars, which feature textured surfaces. A slip-resistant grab bar surface can reduce the risk of slipping or falling, thereby reducing the likelihood of injury, enhancing patient safety and reducing liability risk for facilities.

Update: “Smooth” grab bars proven to be more non-slip than “peened” grab bars when wet.

In 2018, new test data revealed that satin-finish “smooth” grab bars provide superior grip performance in wet areas as compared to “peened” grab bars. In September 2018, a test commissioned by Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc., and performed by Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services, Inc., concluded that the slip-resistance of a satin-finish “smooth” grab bar surface provides similar traction to a peened-finish grab bar when grabbed with a dry hand. When grabbed with a wet hand, the surface of the satin-finish “smooth” grab bar was found to provide 10 percent more traction than the surface of the peened-finish grab bar.

As a result of these findings, we at are updating our recommendation for non-slip grab bars to include the standard “smooth” grip.


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