Solid Mount Anchor Kit (Fiberglass Showers/Tubs)

Solid Mount Anchor Kit (Fiberglass Showers/Tubs)


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The Solid Mount is a grab bar mounting anchor designed specifically to install grab bars into fiberglass shower or bathtub enclosures. If you are installing grab bars on fiberglass, this is an absolute must have.

Fiberglass walls have no structural or stable support; not only will the fiberglass shower or fiberglass tub walls flex when pushed against, but they also can crack and break over time from continual pushing or pulling. Remember, fiberglass showers have air space between the fiberglass surrounds and the wall studs and are not similar to standard layered walls.

**Other mounting devices such as screws (that are included with each grab bar) and other mounting devices such as the toggler or the wingits anchors (which we sell) WILL NOT work on fiberglass surrounds.**

Each Kit Contains:

  • (2) Mounting plates with threaded cups
  • (2) Threaded mounting shafts
  • (2) Lag bolts
  • (2) Fender washers
  • (6) Self tapping screws
  • (1) Mounting instructions

# Kits Required Per Grab Bar:
1 set required per grab bar. There are 2 mounts in each set. Most grab bars have 2 flanges, therefore, one mount is allocated per flange. For each grab bar, buy 1 set above.


Download Installation PDF

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What is the installation time?
About 1 hour per set.

Fully Adjustable:
Find where the drywall meets the fiberglass shower and measure from the drywall to the front of the fiberglass shower wall as shown in the picture. If the distance from the fiberglass shower wall to the drywall measures between 1/8” – 1 5/8”, The Solid Mount should work for you.

Important Feedback / Reviews from Satisfied Customers (A Must Read):

“The trickiness of the installation of these units has less to do with the product, and more with not knowing what is behind the fiberglass (how good was the builder? Are the studs plumb? Do the studs above the shower match what is below the top of the shower?, etc.). Luckily, if you follow the directions and drill a 2″ hole, you can actually offset the bolt roughly 3/8″ any direction the center point and the ‘paddle’ will still cover the hole, so it gives you a little wiggle room. Other than finding the stud, the 2nd most important part of the installation is ensuring your pilot hole for the bolt is plumb/square to the face of the shower wall. That way when you tighten down the ‘paddle’, it leaves little to no gaps.”

“I was really leery of these because they looked flimsy. I was wrong. Once you find the center of the stud, installation is easy. But check VERY carefully. You don’t want to drill a hole through your fiberglass tub/shower in the wrong spot! The escutcheon plates of my grab bar fit over the white plastic circles perfectly. It feels super strong. I gave it only 3 stars because of the difficulty in finding the exact place to drill. The instructions make it sound easy. It’s not. The product itself is worth 5 stars.”

“This was the perfect device. Read over the other reviews to guide the installation. Does create a large hole in shower wall, but there is plenty to cover that and the importance of making bar stable/strong outweighs that hole – that again, is completely covered with the plastic disc. If your shower bar has a large cover plate, that will cover the white disc. Ours didn’t, but that’s ok. Worth the money.”

“Perfect. They are a little expensive but solve the problem. Finding the studs and cutting the hole in the center of the stud can be a challenge. Take your time. Measure often!”

“Moderately difficult to install. You need a good stud finder and someone to hold the level plumb while you mark the spot where the stud will be behind the fiberglass. There is a bit of a leap of faith when you cut the 2 inch hole in the shower. Using a stiff wire like a tiger eye to probe the exact spot after the pilot hole was drilled. I had to drill a second pilot hole a 1/4 inch to better center the hole saw. I strongly recommend multiple views of the youtube video on the installation”

“I looked everywhere for something like this. I was about to give up and fashion my own when I stumbled across it. As long as it’s installed properly, it’s perfect for a grab bar. You’ll need some common tools – drill, bits, 2” hole bit, etc. Installed with a grab bar in less than an hour.”

“These work very well, and are very strong. Most important thing is having a very good stud finder..and finding the center of the 2×4. You only have 1 3/4 inches (2×4)s are not 2 inches any more.. once you do the large cut out with the hole saw there is no going back…and prayers only help so much once you see what is behind the wall..”

“One note about installation… try very hard to locate the lag bolt holes at precisely the same location as the grab bar mounting plates. If I had done a better job of that the covers (that are mounted on the grab bars) might have slipped over the plastic disks and hidden them completely. Still I am very happy with this product.”

“This worked well for the installation. The only issue, is that if the lag bolt isn’t screwed in perfectly perpendicular to the fiberglass surround, and realize, the surround may not be level with the wall, then the plastic caps won’t be flush with the surround once they’re screwed down. Then you have to fill any gaps with caulk, and it doesn’t look so good.”

“Overall,this item is a great design, however, not the easiest to install if you’re not experienced in installing them (like me). Take your time and be absolutely certain of your measurements before you drill the holes. I was satisfied with the end result.”

“This product gets the job done…. enables you to install a safety grab bar securely in a fiberglass shower. However, you don’t have much margin for error, so measure carefully. You will probably need a longer than normal drill bit (both 1/8 and 3/16) in order to reach the stud behind the fiberglass shower enclosure. A couple of improvements they could make would make this product better: 1. The directions are printed on a very small sheet and are hard to read.. 2. I had to add my own washers to the small screws that attach a grab bar to the plastic disc of this product, because the heads of those screws are small and the slots in my grab bar were fairly large.
Overall, I recommend this product”

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SKU/Model # Diameter Length Finish
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