Silicone Sealant (3.38 oz)

Silicone Sealant (3.38 oz)


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Why do I need silicone sealant for grab bar installation?

Silicone sealant is highly recommended when installing grab bars in showers or tubs or in areas where the grab bar is prone to full water contact. Water can get behind the grab bar flange cover, sit there, and eventually corrode the metal over time. We recommend installing the grab bar, and then sealing the edges of the flange cover with this sealant. It is best to leave a bit of the bottom part unsealed so that if water gets behind the flange, it will be able to drain out the bottom side of the flange cover. Clear silicone sealant won’t crack over time and is waterproof, which provides a reliable seal around the grab bar flange and flange cover.

Each Kit Contains:

(1) Silicone Glue 3.38 Oz.

(1) Dispensing nozzle

Storage Tip: Clean tip immediately after usage. Store in an upright position. Prolonged exposure to light can cure adhesives.

SKU/Model # Diameter Length Finish

SKU/Model # Diameter Length Finish
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