ADA Handicap Grab Bars

Are your grab bars ADA compliant?

Yes, all of our grab bars meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) strength requirements.

Do ADA requirements apply to the home?

It is important to note that grab bar location requirements are only required for commercial applications. Grab bars for residential (non-public) use do not have location requirements.

What are the ADA guidelines for handicap grab bars?

  • The diameter of grab bars should be 1¼ to 1½ inch (30-40 mm) (or the shape shall provide an equivalent gripping surface).
  • There must be a 1½ inch (40 mm) clearance from the wall.
  • Grab bars should not rotate in their fittings.
  • Grab bars and their mounting devices should withstand more than 250 pounds of force.
  • In public toilet stalls, side grab bars must be a minimum of 42 inches long and mounted 12 inches from the rear wall, and rear grab bars must be a minimum of 36 inches long and mounted a maximum of 6 inches from the side wall.
  • The required mounting height is universally 33 to 36 inches (840-910 mm) from the centerline of the grab bar to the finish floor.

Explore our complete line of ADA approved handicap grab bars below:

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