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What are grab bar grip options?

Grab bars are available in various surface textures to achieve varying levels of grip and appearance. The four types of grab bar grip options are as follows:

  • Smooth: The surface is a brushed satin finish with a smooth no texture surface.
  • Peened: This surface is sand-blasted to create a textured grip that feels similar to sand paper.
  • Knurled: This surface has miniature deep diagonal cut lines for extra grip.
  • Shur Grip: This surface has a diamond textured grip

What is the most popular grab bar grip type?

The most popular grab bar grip type is smooth finish. This is hands down the most widely purchased grab bar for commercial and residential use.


Shower Grab Bars
Bathtub Grab Bars
Toilet Grab Bars


Straight Grab Bars
120 Degree Angle Grab Bars
90 Degree Angle Grab Bars
Two Wall Horizontal Grab Bars