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Urinal Straddle Grab Bars with Top Bar

Urinal straddle grab bars with top bar provide grip support for both hands when standing in front of a urinal. The grab bar supports are wall mounted on both sides of the urinal with an upward curved crossbar that connects both sides for lateral stability. The user can grip the grab bar supports from both sides (vertical grip) or grip the center top bar (horizontal grip) with both hands.

Most common application?

  • Urinal: Used for hand support on both sides or on top of the urinal when standing in front of a urinal. The urinal straddle bar makes it easy for people with balance issues to vertically or horizontally grip the grab bars for balance and minimize risk of slipping when using the urinal in a commercial restroom.

For additional urinal grab bar shapes and options, we recommend viewing the following alternatives: urinal straddle, urinal side mount with outrigger, and urinal wall-to-floor with outrigger.

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