Urinal Grab Bars

What is the purpose of urinal grab bars?

Urinal grab bars provide hand grip support to enhance stability and prevent slipping or falling while using, standing in front of, or maneuvering around the urinal in the men’s bathroom. Often times, urine spray from urinal use and water spray from urinal flushing create a wet and slippery floor environment around the base of the urinal. It is imperative to install grab bars for those with stability issues to prevent slipping and falling onto the bathroom floor when approaching or moving away from the urinal straddle position. Our urinal grab bars come in various shapes, sizes, and mounting configurations and provide additional balance and security to improve commercial restroom safety. Grab bars for urinals are found in most public commercial bathrooms.

What are the most popular urinal grab bars?

The most popular urinal grab bars are #1 Straight, #2 Urinal Side Mount with Outrigger, #3 Urinal Straddle, #4 Urinal Straddle with Top Bar , and #5 Urinal Wall-to-Floor with Outrigger.

Need help determining which urinal grab bars you need? Read our urinal grab bar placement guide.


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