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Tub Single Wall Support Grab Bars

Single wall support grab bars for bathtubs are wall mounted grab bars that extend across the tub to attached to the perpendicular wall. The grab bar provides a hand grip for stepping into or stepping out of the bathtub as well as for sitting down or standing up when in the bathtub. These grab bars are available in both a left hand version or right hand version, depending on position of the bathtub. The wall mounting makes it ideal for areas where floor space is limited or where there is a desire to reduce the risk of knocking into a floor mounted bar.

Most common application?

  • Bathtub: Used for hand support when entering/exiting a bathtub or when sitting down/standing up in a bathtub. This grab bar primarily reduces risk of falling when entering and exiting the bathtub (such as stepping over the bathtub wall), as it provides inside of tub hand support as well as hand support from the exterior of the bathtub.

For additional similar bathtub grab bars, we recommend viewing the our tub single floor support grab bars, which is identical in utility, but has a floor mounted component to the grab bar for additional stability.

If you are looking for single wall support grab bars for bathtubs, then click any product below for more information.