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Tub Double Wall Support Grab Bars

Double wall support grab bars for bathtubs are grab bars that are double mounted on both sides of the bathtub, which provides heavy duty vertical and horizontal hand grip support when in the bathtub. The grab bar is commonly placed in the front of a corner or freestanding bathtub above the water handles and provides a hand grip for stepping into or stepping out of the bathtub as well as for sitting down or standing up when in the bathtub.

Most common application?

  • Bathtub: Used for hand support when entering or exiting the tub as well as for when sitting down or standing up in the bathtub. This grab bar primarily reduces risk of falling when sitting down or standing up in the bathtub, as well as for entering or exiting the bathtub, such as stepping over the tub wall.

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If you are looking for tub double wall support grab bars for bathtubs, then click any product below for more information.