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Sink Wall-to-Floor Straddle U Support Grab Bars

Wall-to-floor straddle U support support grab bars for sinks provide grip support on both sides when standing in front of the sink. The grab bar supports are double wall mounted to the back wall and floor mounted on each side in front of the sink. The grab bar also has a cross mount bar that connects the top grab bars at the front side for lateral support. This wall-to-floor mounting is ideal for heavier weight capacities and areas that require additional stability.

Most common application?

  • Sink: Most commonly used for free standing sinks that are not part of a sink vanity configuration. The grab bar reduces the risk of falling when using the sink or navigating around the sink area, which is commonly a slipper area as a result from spilling of the sink bowl, shower, or bath. The grab bar can also be used as a general pathway support bar in the bathroom.

For similar sink grab bars, we recommend viewing our sink wall straddle U support grab bars, which are identical in utility, except the grab bar does not have the floor mounting, for areas that have limited floor space.

If you are looking for wall-to-floor straddle U support grab bars for sinks, then click any product below for more information.