Sink Grab Bars

What are sink grab bars and when are they needed?

Sink grab bars provide hand grip support to enhance stability and prevent slipping or falling while using, standing in front of, or maneuvering around a bathroom sink. Sink grab bars are most commonly installed around freestanding sinks, which are not attached to a side wall on the left or right side. Water spillage from sinks, showers, and baths are inevitable in a bathroom, which often creates a slippery floor environment. It is imperative to have grab bars for hand grip support and stability when bending down over and using the sink (this motion of bending over and down toward the sink is when balance is usually lost and falls occur). Our sink grab bars come in various shapes and mounting styles and dramatically improve bathroom safety around the sink.

What are the most popular sink grab bars?

The most popular sink grab bars are #1 Straight, #2 Sink Wall Straddle, #3 Sink Wall Straddle U Support, and #4 Sink Wall-to-Floor Straddle U Support.

Need help determining which sink grab bars you need? Read our sink grab bar placement guide.


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