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Bathroom Grab Bars

What is the purpose of bathroom grab bars?

Slips in the bathroom happen every day to people of all ages. Bathroom grab bars provide handhold grips to enhance stability and prevent slips and falls while using and maneuvering around the toilet, shower, bathtub. Our bathroom grab bars come in all shapes and sizes and will provide you with the extra balance and security you need to feel safe in and around your bathroom.

What are the bathroom grab bar installation position options?

Bathroom grab bars can be installed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. It is important to understand each of these options when installing your grab bar.

  • Horizontal grab bar installation is great for providing support in a larger area along a wall. This position will help with sitting or rising. It is also good for grabbing in case of a slip or fall.
  • Vertical grab bar installation allows for easy grip as well as great stabilization in specific areas, such as getting in and out of the shower or tub. Additionally this position will help with balance while standing.
  • Diagonal grab bar installation provides for more versatility with support regarding different heights and area. This installation position may be easier for people to use when pulling themselves out of a seated position.